The Maine Coon is the only naturally occurring breed of cat in
the United States. These cats are very large and healthy, with
sweet gentle dispositions. Our kittens are lovingly raised
underfoot, and carefully socialized to produce the sweetest
personalities. Our animals are never caged.

We are a small home based cattery located in the central east
coast of Florida.  We have worked for many years to perfect our
lines and there are many champions and grand champions in
our pedigrees.

At the time of sale, all kittens have received their first two kitten
vaccinations and come with a Health Certificate.   We like to
keep our kittens for 11 or 12 weeks to ensure they are fully
socialized and as sweet and loving as possible.

PLEASE NOTE - We do not ship our kittens.  They must be
picked up in person.  If you cannot drive or fly to me,
arrangements can be made for me to fly the kitten to you for
approval before purchasing.  Under NO circumstances will any
animal be purchased or shipped sight unseen.  
(updated 10/14/13).

All kittens are sold as pets only and must be spay/neutered.
Pedigrees of the parents are available upon request. You receive
a free three page kitten instruction sheet listing supplies and
answering most frequently asked questions.

Our breeding studs and queens have been DNA tested negative
for the HCM mutation gene and SMA.  They have also been
heart screened normal at the University of Gainesville. Although
no one can absolutely guarantee a kitten will never develop
HCM, we can guarantee that we do everything possible to make
sure we test and screen our breeders to be sure they are as
healthy as possible.

For more information and pictures, please
send e-mail or call
(321) 639-3914 - home, (321) 543-3979 - cell and I will be happy
to answer any questions.

Once you own one of these magnificent animals, you will never
want to be without a little "Maine Coon Magic" of your own.

Warning - they're habit forming!!
Proud member of the Cat Fanciers'
Association breeder referral service
CFA Cattery of Excellence


We are an HCM, HIP, FIV, HD, SMA, FeLV, PK Def, PKD
free Cattery.  Breeding cats also Ultrasounded for HCM.
Updated 1/22/2017
Trinity and Indigo's three "O" kittens were born 11/19/16
HERE for pictures
Gypsy and Indigo's four "P" kittens were born 12/3/16
HERE for pictures
B'Elanna and Indigo two "Q" kittens were born 12/28/16
HERE for pictures
Stella and Gryffindor's "R" kittens were born 1.8.17
HERE for pictures
It is with great sadness that I have to close Regalcoons
cattery.  The kittens that have already been born can still be
viewed on the website until they go to their new homes.   There
will be no new litters bred.

I will be selling off all my breeding queens and studs effective
immediately except for the nursing mothers who can go after
their kittens are weaned.   The cats that are available are
shown below.  

Please call 321 639-3914 or email for
pricing and availability if you're interested in adopting one of
these wonderful cats.  They are all in perfect health.
Nytiri (spayed)
Silver patch tabby w/white
Born 8/28/10
Trinity (after her kittens)
Silver patch tabby w/white
Born 4/4/11
Kaia (after her kittens)
Silver patch tabby w/white
Born 5/7/13
Born 4/27/14
brown tabby male
Born 9/13/15
brown tabby male
Born 3/9/11